Recreational Orthopedics



Why you ask would anyone want to wear a cast if they didn’t have to? I honestly can’t imagine. But there is a community of people out there that have what is called cast fetish.

I wonder if these people that are so gung ho on having a cast on have ever had to have one, and it’s not just a novelty they wish to try out and how different it is than ones that actually need them.

When I was a little girl, I broke my left forearm from falling off the swing set. I’d climbed onto the top and was doing somersaults on the high bar, around 7 feet off the ground. I was 6, and I fell on my arm and needed an arm cast for around 6 weeks. I remember having to have it wrapped up in plastic bags to bathe so it wouldn’t get wet. It was a hassle even at that age, I can’t imagine what it would be like with the responsibilities of an adult.

I type every day, a LOT, everything from taking the garbage out to doing laundry and shopping. I pray I never break anything ever again. Every time I think of climbing onto a chair rather than get a ladder, I tell myself it’s not worth breaking something and go get the ladder.

These cast enthusiasts are not going around and breaking their bones unnecessarily to get Dr.’s to put casts on them, but they are buying medical supplies and applying their own casts, or having other “casters” as they are known apply them for them.

Some have said ones into casts are into BDSM, but feel too naughty to allow themselves to be tied up, but by having a cast, it’s a more acceptable version of being immobile.

It’s a puzzling fetish to be sure. Some like to be in the cast, others just like to see pics of others that are in casts. Some are happy with a leg cast, others want a full body cast and immobilization.

One of my callers has a cast fetish, he’s the first one that made me aware of the fetish, and always sends me pics of women in leg and body casts before he calls. He likes to talk about me placing my cast covered leg in his lap as he tickles my feet and caresses the cast.

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