Pregnancy Fetish

One of the fetishes we can explore that is fairly common is pregnancy fetish. It is showing a woman at her most womanly, heavy with child. Some men find this irresistible and seek out pregnant women to date and have sex with if they are not in a relationship with a pregnant woman.

They adore that her breasts are getting larger, her nipples darker, vaginal secretions increasing, and in many cases her libido increasing due to soaring hormone levels.

Nature has been said to give pregnant women a glow to make them more attractive to their mates to keep them around for the duration of the pregnancy since they would in nature be more vulnerable at that time.

The fear of getting one pregnant is obviously removed, since they already are pregnant. Some men find the swollen belly very beautiful and will even seek out overweight women if they can’t find a pregnant one if they have this particular fetish.

There is a market for pregnancy porn out there that is popular, and obviously there is a finite duration that an actress would have starring in these movies, and not that many women would feel comfortable showcasing themselves like that during such a stage in their lives when many feel unattractive, heavy and cumbersome.

Some women love being with child, and others plagued by morning sickness and a feeling of unwellness, it is a challenge to even get through it. Many do experience extreme horniness and have a high sex drive and continue to have sex to nearly until their delivery date. Others will close up shop from the time they find out they are pregnant until months after delivery, leaving their husbands to fend for themselves sexually.


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