More Cushion To The Pushin’

Some men have a fetish for bigger girls. They are not looking to lay down with bone racks, they want a bonafide woman with something to grab onto. many men will only go out with a big girl, in which case, depending on the size of the woman, could be considered a fetish. If they like a girl under 300 lbs., that would be called a preference, but if they are looking at really super sized gals, then yes, that goes into fetish territory.

Some love the idea of being downright smothered in rolls of fat and blubber and mammoth breasts, practically cutting off their air supply. Ones into face sitting, also known as queening is popular with ones that love big girls. I’d guess the danger of having ones face enveloped in one so large proves exciting for the fattie lovers.

To make queening more comfortable, there are actually fetish pieces of furniture called “smother boxes” to still allow total genital access, yet the weight of the person isn’t on your head. I’d love to see the look on the face of your custom furniture maker when you commission your very own smother box!

There is a comforting quality to bigger girls many men seek. That’s certainly not to say all men that love big women have a desire to fuck mommy, but they are seeking a nurturing type of earthy woman when they seek out a larger gal. The bigger breasts, tummy and curves can prove an intoxicating mix to many guys.

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