The Smell Of Feet

Does the idea of stinky, used bedroom slippers appeal to you? Because it does appeal to many. One man I spoke with was scouring garage sales and eBay sales to find just the right aroma of feet that had been in them. He asked me how much I would charge for used slippers, I didn’t really know what to tell him, as I never wear any. I don’t even own any, I’m more of a barefoot girl at home. I told him $200.

The aroma of sweaty feet can be beyond intoxicating to a man with a foot fetish. Slippers damp with perspiration and thick with a sweaty smell can get some cocks harder than a most expensive perfume. They are gross to many, but the sexiest thing going to others. Many masturbate with shoes and slippers, not only smelling them as they jerk off, but even placing their penis into the piece of actual footwear, it drives some absolutely wild to know their cock is where the woman’s foot has been.

Worn panties that smell of pussy juices are not the only things thatĀ get guys wild, worn stockings and sweat socks do it for others, and they even like to wrap the items around their cocks as they masturbate and feel the silkiness of the stockings wrapped around their cock, it can be a very sensual experience for them. I have had guys ask to not only purchase worn panties, but stockings as well since they loved the idea of smellingĀ  my feet on the stockings.

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