Celebrity Obsession

Some men can have a fetish with a celebrity and become more than a fan. Some take it too far and develop a full blown obsession, a few even hunting down and killing the object of their desire when they cannot have a relationship with them. Most are no threat and just have the celebrity of their choosing as the star of their masturbatory fantasies. I do have a few such clients, and have become convinced that no matter how obscure the celebrity, they all have their fans.

One client has a collection of Fleshlights he has nicknamed “Patty”, for the object of his desire, actress Patricia Heaton, the wife on “Everybody Loves Raymond”. I was shocked, because I never thought of her as anyone a man would lust after, but as I said, everyone has their fans to be sure. Another client of mine is obsessed with an actress from the 60’s named Susan George, and a movie she made called “Straw Dogs”. There’s a rape scene in the movie he’s obsessed with and I get send emails of movies stills and am asked to describe them frame by frame. I’ve watched the clip in question with him as we each watch it at the same time on our computers as we speak, and he can’t get enough of it. I wouldn’t maybe call it rape, since she becomes a bit of a willing participant as the scene progresses, but it’s not totally consensual either.

It’s funny how some particular actress or movie or scene can touch somebody some way that arouses them like nothing else. It truly becomes an obsessive fetish for them, and they return to it again and again. You’d think they’d become bored with it, but no. I recall when I started this job before I knew what it was like, worrying how I’d entertain the same men every time since I thought they’d want something different each call, but I quickly realized most want basically the same call over and over again with very little variety. People really are creatures of habit.

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