Beat Me To A Pulp

Imagine looking at that picture of that badly beaten man and getting turned on imagining it’s you that’s the beaten one! I heard from a client tonight I have before a number of times and his greatest turn on is being beaten up by women. Literally beaten to a pulp. He pays strippers once a year, can’t have it bee more often to alert the wife of odd stuff going on, though even once a year I’d be asking what they were doing to get so cut up.

He always tells his wife stories, he fell off his motorcycle, shelves fell on him, always something to make it appear as an accident. Seems very strange to me, but there are some odd individuals out there for sure that get turned on by odd things. The release he feels as he is being beaten is apparently intoxicating, he’d do it every few months if he could avoid the wife’s questions about it, but he curtails it to onceĀ  a year to avoid suspicions.

He looks forward to it and plans it the entire year. Yet he’s not into cock and ball torture, which I do find amusing, but it’s just his face he wants beaten, nose and black eyes and big puffy lip especially. He has no trouble finding a bunch of rough broads to do him a good go over, I’m sure it’s amusing for them to be paid by a man to beat on him and scratch him up badly. He doesn’t ever beat others, he just likes to be beaten himself. I asked him if he’d thought of getting help for this, but as he likes it, he sees no need to get any professional help for his odd beating fetish. To each their own I guess, to each their own……

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