Body Modification


Not everyone considers body modification a perversion, but others do. Yours truly included. Piercings and tattoos make me think of carnival freaks and I don’t understand why more than 1 hole in each earlobe would ever be wanted by anyone, but many differ and it’s a growing trend.

One such popular piercing that has sexual undertones is the tongue piercing. It actually has ancient and religious beginnings, as it was something the Aztec did as an offering to their Gods. Little did they know a few thousand years later women would be getting their tongues pierced to enhance oral sex for their man. Many men have said getting a blow job from a woman with a tongue barbell in place is divine, and if you see a gal with one, you will likely be getting blow jobs from her on a regular basis.

Genital piercings are also popular among men and women. Piercings for women seem to be mainly just for decorative purposes and clitoral ones for their own pleasure. When a man gets a penile piercing, both he and the woman can get enhanced enjoyment from the extra stimulation that it provides during intercourse, especially if the jewelry can stimulate the G spot in the woman.

There is potential for injury and infection in all of these piercing. Imagine zipping up to have your penile barbell caught…OUCH! I personally don’t understand the need or desire for any of this, but people will do what they want to whether it makes sense or not.

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