The Singing Whore

I had an unusual call the other night, it was the second time I’d heard from this man. I recalled as soon as he asked me how high I could sing. Yes, sing. He then asked if I would sing some scales for him to hear my vocal range and then asked if I had a history of singing. I replied yes, I’d been in choir all through school and had sung solos in a few talent shows.

He asked me to sing notes and asked if I had any operatic training, I said no, just regular singing and after so many years of no practice, sadly out of tune. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

I was then asked about vocal warmups I used to do, and actually was requested to sing. I can’t say it’s the first time I’ve been asked to sing, I’ve actually been asked by a few others as well, but they were not interested in the highness of the notes I could hit.

Perhaps he masturbates to recordings of Maria Callas, I have no idea, but for me, he had to make do with a song from the The Sound Of Music. He was moaning and groaning as I belted out, “Do Re Me” and then began to call me a “singing whore”. I was on the verge of laughter from the entire episode it was so bizarre.

He seemed pleased with my efforts though, and I told him if was going to call again, he should email me some songs he was interested in hearing, so I could have the lyrics at hand and be prepared. It was an interesting call.

I wonder what happened in that man’s life to make high notes of particular sexual interest to him? I have no idea. I talk to so many with peculiar interests, I will never know the roots of most of their fetishes, but from what I have read, the roots of most fetishes are very deep and begin in early childhood. Would be interesting to know for sure.

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