A sexual fetish I do a great deal of with clients is humiliation. Of many different types. Small penis humiliation is big! Racial humiliation as well I get a fair bit of. Some into financial humiliation love to be told how you are taking advantage of them and draining their wallets and leading them to financial ruin.

A few into cuckold like to be told what total losers they are that their women have to turn to other men for satisfaction since they are either premature ejaculators, or have too small of a cock to do the job, so they are pitiful cuckolds being made fools of. I have no problem telling them they are total, complete wash outs and utter worms to live such a pathetic existence.

Pitiable characters the lot of them. Easy to degrade and make fun of. The aren’t men, they are little pindick fools that should be told so. Some just like to be told what complete bastards they are, every name in the book, they want it and I have no problem dishing it out.

I’ve been told before I have been known to treat people as if they are dirt beneath my feet, so this is a perfect way for me to do that without any real life consequences. They are literally paying me to insult and humiliate them.

Many are in positions of power, where no underling would ever speak to them in this manner unless they wanted to be fired, the very same idea as the men that go to a Dominatrix are men in powerful jobs, like policemen, Dr.’s, judges, etc.

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