Be My Dirty Girl


Do you like to get dirty or see women get dirty? Does watching women’s mud wrestling get you going? Do you love to smear a ladies makeup all over her face? If so, you may have the fetish known as Salirophilia. Ones with this fetish love to get others dirty, soiled or otherwise messed up.

Some have the sploshing fetish where they love to dump food or toss it all over someone, but this fetish isn’t messing them up with food. Some guys that love giving more forceful blow jobs like it if a woman’s mascara runs down her face from tears created by the gagging and not being able to breathe properly from the constant thrusting.

Men that have this fetish seem to prefer messing up better looking than average ladies. Putting them in ill fitting, tacky clothes and ruining their makeup. Often cumming on their faces as well, and some also like the cumming on of pics of beautiful women.

They seem to prefer more attractive than normal women because to get them messy is more dramatic than getting a plain looking person dirty, it emphasizes it more, makes it have more impact.

Woody Allen once said, “Sex is only dirty if it’s done right.” Ones with this fetish would say it’s not done right unless it’s dirty. Kind of the same, but you get my point. How many movies have had scenes with people painting and one runs a paint covered brush over the other one? Happens in comedies many times. Some people just enjoy getting messy. No real harm, it all comes off in the shower…..

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