You Fucked What?!

There are ones aroused by people, ones aroused by animals, but oddly enough, some are aroused by inanimate objects. Some guys look at something with a  hole and well, just have the desire to fuck it, regardless of how ill conceived an idea it might be.

I have read about ones and even spoken with ones that place a bag between their mattress and box spring, one even put his Fleshlight between them and he felt that was a good position for him. Seems pretty awkward to me, but to each their own. One called a few months ago doing something I’d never heard of before I thought was not only weird but downright unsanitary and gross. He was fucking his toilet, yes you read correctly, his toilet. He was on his knees with his dick placed between the toilet and the toilet seat, I thought this one of the more disgusting things I’d heard! Imagine of all the things to fuck-a toilet! YUCK!

Then while researching other things guys fuck, from a hole they dug in the ground to a picnic table umbrella hole, gotta give the fellas a point for creativity at least, I saw this video clip of this man, in surely the most embarrassing moment of his life who got stuck fucking a bench with holes in it. Luckily he had a cell phone and could call for help, imagine calling for help in such a circumstance! Horniness indeed overtakes common sense at times.  

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