Dracula Wannabees

This fetish here is kind of beyond gross, (as so many are!) Period, tampon or menstrual fetish is a bit extreme. I’m not just talking about guys that don’t mind fucking you while you have your period, I’m talking ones into actually sucking on used tampons and pads….I don’t even know how to respond to that. The would be Dracula’s find nothing sexier than a woman dripping blood.

Some websites that sell worn panties and socks and stockings also have used tampons and pads offered. I cannot imagine who would buy such items, but they are out there. If ones can sell panties with “skid marks” or more on them, there is also a market for blood soaked tampons. What these men do with these items once they get them, I’m afraid to even guess.

There’s a lot of websites online devoted to this fetish, I was afraid to go too deeply into them, as I didn’t want pictures in my mind, there was already some pretty creepy stuff on the home pages of playing with toys as they had their periods and guys licking worn pads and whatnot. I don’t get it, I really don’t. I’ve only ever had a couple of callers ever that wanted to talk about this topic, and much of the talk was just about my cycle, some wanted to know when last I had my period, or when I last ovulated, when I last had my gynecological exam, almost a medical questioning type of things.

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