Nothing Makes Me Hard Like The Smell Of Clorox…

I did a blog once about a caller I spoke to who had a clean fetish. He wanted to be scrubbed with all kinds of detergents and scrub brushes. Another caller is also into a clean fetish, but a different one, not of his body being scrubbed, but he wants to be the one doing the cleaning. Of floors, bathroom, etc.

Apparently he’s not wanting a woman to smell of fruity body washes and expensive French perfumes, to him there is no better smell than bleach. He’d have done well to have Joan Crawford as a mother, perhaps some older ones might get that reference to Mommy Dearest and her penchant for cleaning….

I’d love to have a slave that wanted to come to my house to clean and to scrub. I’m not the best housekeeper, so it would be welcome, but I can’t imagine anyone getting off on it…Maybe the pervy ones know their minds are dirty, and the cleaning fetish is them subconsciously trying to wash away the filth, like the symbolic washing of hands by Lady Macbeth to get the blood off her hands.

Everything sparkling clean, every surface clean enough to fuck on. Sounds good to have everything be so clean that you don’t need to worry about any germs and dirt getting on you. I knew a woman once who kept her house so tidy you could have eaten off her floors, yet her home didn’t smell like bleach, nor was she obsessed with it. One man joked it was so pristine there should be velvet ropes across the doors since it made you not want to touch anything. Different people have their different little fetishes for sure.

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