Fucking the Sitter

There’s no shortage of guys out there who fantasize about younger girls. The babysitters can be luscious young things that grab their attentions and make their cocks hard. Add that to a cold wife who won’t fuck them anymore, and you can’t blame them for looking elsewhere. I know, because when I was a student, I babysat as well and I had fun with a few of the fathers I sat for. Their wives were self absorbed, cold bitches. I didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty for satisfying them. In fact, I felt I was doing a good thing by helping them out when their own wives wouldn’t.

Even after I left the sitting behind and went off to college, this one father I’d sat for and I kept in touch. He traveled on business a lot and he’d come to the town I went to college in and he’d always let me know when he’d be in town and I’d go stay with him at the hotel he’d be staying at when he was there for a night or two. I looked forward to his visits and he was always generous with me, bringing me presents and giving me money he knew I could use for school. Hotel sex is always fun as well, so it was always something to look forward to.

I used to tell him I’d fantasize about his wife being tied to a chair at the foot of the bed and watching us fuck as we laughed at her and she struggled to try and get free. He was a good fuck, and he had a nice cock and I loved to ride him up and down. I could never understand how his wife wouldn’t want to fuck him when he was such a good lover and had a great cock and knew how to use it. Her loss was my gain for sure.

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