Naughty Nurse

I used to be a nurse years ago, and I was just so horny all the time I did a lot of things I shouldn’t. I fucked a lot of the doctors and other staff members and even some of the patients. This one night I was checking on this man that had gotten surgery on his foot, so his body was fine, it was only his foot that was sore and he was only in for one night. The ward was quiet that night and he was in a private room. I was about to go off duty after I checked on him, so there was no other nurses that would be checking on him for at least two to three hours.

I knew when I saw him I wanted to fuck him. He was attractive and we had the privacy. I went in his room and checked him and he was fine, as expected. I think he knew from the flirty way I talked to him and looked at him that I was open for more. I pulled back his covers and could see he was hard. I made the first move. He grabbed my breast and then he took my hand and placed it on his hard cock.

In mere seconds I was straddling him and fucking him right there on the hospital bed. We tried to be as quiet as possible and fast, and I was worried any second a nurse would walk in and check, since she’d seen me go in but not back out. We fucked less than ten minutes before he made me cum hard and he shot his load into me as well. I quickly got dressed and left and she gave me a funny look on my way out but didn’t say anything. Oh those hospital shenanigans. I do miss them at times.

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