Sex Doll for You

Sex dolls are growing in popularity, and more and more men that cannot get women are turning towards them. They never say no, they never tire out, and they are better feeling than your hand. They really are just a male masturbation accessory, but the high end ones are a lot more realistic looking now than just a few years ago. However they don’t move, so it would be kind of like fucking a sleeping person that’s just laying there and not doing anything to participate or help things along. That’s enough for some guys I suppose, not all are looking for the interactive qualities a real woman would provide.

If the lighting would be low and you’d had a few drinks, it could pass for a more real type of experience, and then you just stuff them in the closet or under the bed afterwards. They won’t nag you to do chores like a real woman would. I can see why some men are just fed up with the women today and would turn to a doll that isn’t going to harp at them. It would certainly feel better than your average masturbation experience, but afterwards, I can see the shame creeping in and you look at it laying there like a lifeless body.

Is getting a sex doll for you? There now sex doll brothels that have opened, so you can go and fuck one and then leave, they clean it up after and then the next guy comes and uses her. It’s become a very strange world these days. Many women are unappealing these days and many men are lacking the social skills they had in generations past, so the emergence of sex dolls has risen to prominence. Maybe the day will come when you too will have one. Some worry where they’d hide them from their wives. Oh well, one problem at a time.

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