The Sex Show

Many years ago a boyfriend and I went to see a live sex show. I was only twenty and didn’t have much experience. I wasn’t that gung ho on the idea, but he really wanted to go, so I went along. I was surprised how horny I got watching them. It was mostly men in the audience and I’m sure most wanted to masturbate right then and there but it was not allowed and there were staff there watching the crowds to make sure things didn’t get out of hand. Several were leering at me, one of the only women in there.

After the show was over my boyfriend and I fucked all night, over stimulated by the show we’d seen. The man of course was hung like a horse, and could fuck for the entire length of the show. Most average men are simply not up to that performance level. I had never seen anything like it, I’d only even seen a porn movie once, this was before the internet. I was very aroused watching all the seedy goings on up on the stage and our sex life that week was quite thrilling. It was in absolute overdrive.

My boyfriend like to talk about us being up on a stage and having dozens of horny people watching us and how exciting it would be. Of course I’d never do anything like that, but it was fun to fantasize about all those strangers getting aroused by watching us fucking and then knowing they were going home to masturbate like fiends. You just felt like you were watching something so personal, so intimate, and it was right up there on a lit stage with everyone staring. I wondered how much they got paid and if anyone in their families knew what they did for money.

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