The Gardener Saw Me Masturbating

One of my favorite ways to masturbate is in the shower with the shower massager. The garden hose will also work, but keep in mind the water from the outdoor hose is cold, not heated like in the shower. I have a large, private, fenced backyard and feel free in the summer to masturbate outside, no one can see me. I’ve done it many times. I was outside last week enjoying myself and was bringing myself to orgasm and being pretty vocal as I did. All of a sudden I looked up and saw my gardener watching me get myself off with the hose.

I could see the hard on in his pants. He was obviously quite aroused as I masturbated and watching the water go over my pussy. I just looked him in the eye and didn’t stop. He took this as encouragement and he unzipped his pants and took his cock out. He was playing with it and it was a nice size. I continued to masturbate with the water, intending to bring myself to orgasm yet again, audience or not. I motioned him over towards me and I reached up and took his dick and put it in my mouth.

I sucked on it and was soon rewarded with a mouthful of his warm cum. He got down on his knees in front of me on the grass and put his tongue between my wet pussy lips and licked me, focusing on my clit and sucking on it. I loved how it felt and he was soon eating me out with abandon right there in the middle of my backyard. He licked me to orgasm and I screamed in pleasure. I then got up and left him to his yard work, as if nothing had happened. It was just one of those odd things. Not sure if it will ever be repeated, but it was a hot experience for us both.

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