Sex in the Kitchen

I do like to have sex in unusual locations, the kitchen being one of them. My boyfriend was making me breakfast the other morning when I walked into the kitchen and surprised him. He’d just put something in the oven and it was going to be a bit until it was baked. Whatever could we do with the time? I suggested something to work up our appetite even more and he was certainly game. He always wakes up horny and I often do as well, so some fun in the kitchen was just going to hit the spot nicely.

I got down on the floor in front of him and started to suck on his hard cock. The kitchen was filling with wonderful smells of what was in the oven and I was sucking away on his hard shaft that was right own my throat. I always get wet when I suck him off, and as soon as I’d primed his cock for fucking, I bent over the kitchen table and he gave it to me from behind. His stiff prick slid right into me and he fucked away until he’d made me cum three times. He then shot his load into me and then we had breakfast.

After we ate, we decided to shower together, and we fucked yet again in there. I love the hot water and the steam enveloping us. Those lazy Sunday mornings and afternoons are the best, I just live for them. The whole day relaxing and pleasuring one another and indulging our passions. We usually fuck more on Sunday than any other day of the week, we can get busy like most people, on weekdays, and sometimes are just too tired to play before bed and having to get up early the next day. A Sunday in bed and playing with one another can just rejuvenate you for the entire week ahead.

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