Oh Granny…..


Oh I have had an odd one the last week that has called several times. He wants his grandmother to extract daily sperm samples from him, multiple times a day of course, and granny is to be wearing pantyhose he can run his hands all over as this extraction takes place. It’s all quite medical, she was a former nurse and collects the samples to examine them and deliver them to the Dr.

He loves to think of his grannies silky, shiny, soft nylon pantyhose and how they arouse him so. Makes you wonder what went on in his youth to bring such odd, vivid fantasies to life and for him to keep reliving them on a nearly daily basis.

People have odd fantasies to be sure, but granny in pantyhose taking daily sperm samples is a bit out there to be sure. I’m betting he saw granny changing into pantyhose at some point in his childhood, and perhaps got one of his first erections, and it’s stayed with him ever since.

Maybe he even took grannies pantyhose and masturbated with them and wrapped them around his cock. Nylon has a very distinctive feel to it, so I’m sure his cock has many sensation memories from the pantyhose he fantasizes about to this day.

As long as he keeps calling, I will do my best to help him with his granny/pantyhose fantasies and daily sperm collections on his way to and from work. He gets so horny calling me granny!

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