Blow The Man Down

Last night I got a call from someone with a fetish I’d never come across before. Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear something new. This man asked me to do something I’d as of yet never been asked to do on a call before. He asked me to blow my nose.

Now there are a few sneezing fans I have come across, but never one into nose blowing. So I said fine, I had a box of Kleenex right beside me, so I gave it a go, but honestly didn’t have much to blow.

Then we went into a 10 minute conversation about my nose blowing habits if you can believe it. I never had such a conversation in all my life. How many times a day, after any activities, after eating any foods was it required. Yes, after soup and spicy foods, usually. I told him if only he’d messaged me 5 minutes before calling, I could have boiled some water and inhaled it to loosen things up.

I asked him why the sounds of a woman blowing her nose was so erotic to him, and he didn’t really have an answer other than, “the noise”. My first thought was gee, you’d love my mom then, when she blows hers it sounds like a trumpeting elephant! But alas I refrained from such a comment…….

I said cold and flu season must be like a veritable bonanza for him, and he heartily agreed. He then asked if I could try and blow one more time, so I humored the poor odd man and tried. He was grateful for my efforts and asked if I did recordings, and that perhaps after having a cry or some soup, I could make one of me repeatedly blowing my nose for him. Just another day, and yet another fetish…..

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