Pumping Iron

There’s men that like dominant women, then there’s men that like STRONG women. And I mean as in overpowering them physically.

This fetish with female body builders hasn’t cropped up too many times on calls I have done, but I have come across it a few times. It reminds me a little of the giantess fantasy, of the super big 50 foot tall woman.

These pumping iron types are not feminine at all, most of them look like men in a bikini with lipstick, I cannot fathom who could find them attractive, but as we have all learned, every fetish out there has its fans to be sure.

I can just see some 98 lb weakling with sand getting kicked in his face in secret fantasizing about some woman who’s three times as strong as he is pinning him down and showing him who’s boss and smothering him with her pussy, her big, muscular, thighs clamped around his head till he screams for mercy and air.

Her lifting him up above her head as if she’s lifting up a huge weight and showing her extreme physical dominance. There are body builder porn videos out there, I’d imagine with scrawny men and these women with superhuman strength doing everything they can to use these weaklings for their own pleasure.

There’s no way these guys could ever overpower these gals, they’d be fools to think they could. They don’t want to anyway, they want to feel helpless and not in control. And they do…

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