Bedding the Politician

I volunteered in the latest election and really liked the candidate. He’s why I volunteered to help him in the first place, although he didn’t know that. It worked out well for me. He’s not married and I did a lot of office work during the campaign and he was very grateful. He was in such a hurry on election night, he left without his phone, and I knew he’d want it and no one else at the office saw him leave it behind, so I pocketed it and drove over to his house to return it to him.

He answered the door and was grateful I’d brought it to him. He asked me in for a drink and of course I accepted. We talked and I confessed I’d only volunteered to be closer to him, and he was very flattered. We talked for hours and soon he leaned over and kissed me and it got very passionate from there on in. Powerful men have always turned me on a lot, and I found out he was a bit dominant, which isn’t really surprising given his position. I got on the floor in front of him and he told me to suck his cock like a good little whore. I did as I was told.

Soon after that, I was on all fours taking his cock from behind and having my ass spanked as he called me a dirty slut. I was on fire with passion for this man. I squeezed my cunt muscles for him when he was inside of me and milked his dick as hard as I could. I wanted to please him, and apparently I did, she he made me cum so hard, and juice on his cock so much, that he soon exploded inside of me until I had cum dripping down the inside of my thighs. I hope he wants to keep seeing me, he’s awfully good in bed and I want to learn more about him.

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