We Fucked in a Store

My latest boyfriend loves risky sex in public places where the chances of getting caught are high. I am always nervous to do it, yet somehow he always talks me into it and I go along. I am fearing the day we get caught and hauled off by the cops, but he promises that will never happen. Last week he wanted to fuck in a store. I told him he was nuts, but I said I’d be open to it. We went into a store and scoped out the security cameras in the ceiling, and found one small area where they were not going to capture anything in a way off corner that was not a busy part of the store. He unzipped, I pulled down my pants, he pulled the crotch of my panties aside and we went to it. I bet it didn’t take three minutes.

We straightened up, and carried on shopping as if nothing odd had just happened. No one gave us any weird looks, no one had come near the area we were in, being in a corner location, we could look out at anything coming our way. I wanted to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible, but he said to get out so fast, they might think we took something, so we walked around for a while before leaving.

I got a couple of items I needed, paid for them, then we left, and no one seemed to have seen us. Lord knows where the next location he might pick for us to fuck in will be, but he does find unusual spots for us to have our in public quickies in. I guess some people do love the risky sex and what might happen if anyone sees you do it. Just be careful and try not to get caught and have an escape plan if possible.

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