Sucking You Off

One thing my boyfriend loves is me sucking his cock, and I have to admit, I love it just as much. It makes me feel very powerful to be in charge of giving him so much pleasure that way. His favorite way is to stand at the edge of the bed with me laying on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and just gagging me with his cock. Many times he will lean forward and lick my pussy as he’s doing it. Holding my cunt lips open exposing my clit and flickering that tongue of his all over my stiff little clit. It feels so good.

I like sucking his balls as well, so I can stroke his cock in my hand as I suck on them. His last girlfriend wouldn’t give him any oral sex, so he loves that I’m happy to do it for him. I like making him happy, and I know my skills make him very happy in the bedroom, he just loves how slutty I can be, that’s why he keeps coming back for more. Just sucking on his cock for a few minutes makes him putty in my hands.

I more than get return treatment, he genuinely loves going down on me, we lick and suck each other as much as we fuck, and we make each other cum a lot, it’s pleasurable for us both. Keeping a man happy is not hard to do, just give them frequent blow jobs, make your pussy available to them and make them a sandwich once in a while, they will keep coming back for more, believe me. Many like to make their women cum as much as possible and make them numb with pleasure. He can make me numb any time he wants.

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