A Visit From My Uncle

Recently my uncle came to visit for the weekend, it had been a few years since he’d come to town, I always liked him and I knew he liked me, he was always bringing me little gifts when he’d come by. This time though, he was looking at me with a bit of a different type of look in his eye and I soon found out why. My parents went out for a few hours and he said he’d watch me and as soon as they were out the door he sat next to me on the sofa and asked how much experience I had with boys my age.

He soon said he’d like to teach me how to do things and his hand was up my skirt and he asked me if I ever touched myself before I went to bed or after school and I confessed that yes, I did, and he asked how I did it and would I like him to touch me that way. I said go ahead, so he did, and I spread my legs and he started to feel me over my panties, which soon grew damp from his rubbing my pussy through them.

He kissed me as he touched me and I told him to put his fingers inside my panties and touch my clit, he did and I was soaking wet on his hand. I was soon bucking against him and he made me cum from touching me. I sure do enjoy when fun but unexpected things like this happen. We played a few more times when we had the chance to that weekend and I look forward to him coming back this summer, maybe I will let him fuck me then instead of just fingering my pussy. I think it will be hot.

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