The Wild Weekend

I’d always had a bit of a crush on my step brother’s friend and he knew it, so I asked him if he;d set me up. He had a much wilder suggestion. He asked if I’d be game to have a threesome with him and his friend. Now my step brother and I had fooled around on many occasions, but we never had gone all the way, but I wasn’t adverse to the idea, it turned me on to pick things up, his friend would only make it even hotter. I said yes, I’d be happy to play. He called his friend and it was arranged for the weekend.

We had the house to ourselves, and the wine and beer was soon flowing, and the clothes came off pretty quickly and we adjourned to the bedroom, and things got very hot, very quickly. I got on all fours and was sucking my step brother’s cock, which I’d done before, and his friend was licking my pussy from behind, which drove me crazy, it makes my clit stick out in that position, so it felt wonderful. He made me nearly cum, I was right on the brink from his flickering tongue on my clit, then he stopped and pushed his hard cock into me and I was filled up with his hard dick.

He grabbed me by the hips and was just pounding it into me, when my step brother went underneath me and resumed what his friend had started, licking my clit, only now I had a dick in my pussy as I was also getting licked and it was sheer heaven, the feeling of both of them working on me like that, I loved it. They both did a wonderful job pleasing me. I had a pussy filled with cum a few minutes later when his friend shot his load in my cunt and I exploded from the pleasure of the tongue being used on me at the same time, it was a wonderful and naughty weekend.

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