Forced Orgasms at a Sex Party

Recently a girlfriend and myself were invited to a sex club. She knew some of the other people present and I was game, I’d never gone to anything like that, so agreed to tag along and see what it was like. It seemed a fairly wild crowd when we arrived, lots of naked people, some were tied up, blindfolded, right out in the open. This good looking guy soon approached me and asked if I’d like to go into another room where we’d have more privacy. I decided it was a party like environment, so not much real danger. If I screamed or something, someone would hopefully come to my rescue pretty quickly.

He asked if I’d ever tried any BDSM things and I said no, but some of it looked like a bit of fun, so he asked if I’d like to try, so I said ok, we undressed and he asked if I’d let him tie me up, I was ok with that, so once I was totally restrained, he gets out this huge Hitachi wand and lays it on my clit. It was a bit powerful for my taste, so I asked him to turn it down, but he wouldn’t and as I was tied up, there wasn’t much I could do.

He had the head of his cock in my pussy so he was feeling the vibrations as well and he kept pressing it on my clit until I was about to scream, and I came hard and it almost hurt it was so intense from the overly powerful vibrations. Yes, I came, but it was kind of forced on me and so I thought this was over and that he’d untie me and let me go, but it wasn’t over, he gave me a few moments rest and then he laid it on my clit again and I had two more orgasms forced from me. I was absolutely numb by the time he released me. I staggered out of there and left and thought what did you expect going to some sex club with people you didn’t know.

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