Breed Me

This latest boyfriend of mine told me he liked risky sex, fucking while I was ovulating, he didn’t actually want to get me pregnant, nor do I want to be pregnant, but it’s the risk of it happening that turns him on. I honestly kind of liked the idea of it myself. The thought of it actually happening, my fertile pussy taking his sperm at the last time of the month it would actually be safe to do so, it was kind of exciting.

We fucked pretty much every night anyway, so it wasn’t like we were holding out for some one time of the month blow out or something, but we were both very aware of my cycle and when I’d be most apt to conceive. It was hot, no birth control, no pulling out, just full on hot sex with the chance of me getting impregnated with his seed. It really turned me on, and my pussy was so wet, the ovulation juices made me even more wet, that slick, thick discharge a woman makes when she’s ovulating. His cock was easing in and out of me so wonderfully. He kissed me so passionately as we made love, and it was making love, not just fucking.

He nursed on my erect nipples and took them in his mouth one at a time, suckling on them, and I lovingly ran my hands up and down his back and his shoulders, telling him how much I loved him. It was so intimate and special, much more so than our regular sex sessions, and it was an incredible turn on. Some callers that have been into pregnancy fetish have mentioned before, ones that had children, that when they made love with their wives when they were trying for a baby, there really was nothing like it they’d experienced before, it was just on a whole different level when you were trying for a baby. I’ve never forgotten that. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks if Im late, you never know.

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