Sharing Your Wife

Some people think all wife swapping or sharing is a form of cuckolding, and it’s really not, it’s quite separate. Not everyone that wants to watch their wife or girlfriend get fucked by another guy has a small dick and wants to watch a more capable party do the job, some just genuinely want to see others enjoy their partner and they themselves like to enjoy another as well. Jealousy can be an issue in this, so some people better examine their relationship very carefully and make sure it can withstand such activities first. Both partners have to be ok with seeing their partner indulge in sex with another person.

It’s not cheating if everyone agrees, cheating implies doing something behind your partners back and keeping them in the dark about it, lying about it to make sure you’re not discovered. Ones into swinging and swapping, just love sex and they like to share that and add variety to their relationship by playing with other couples openly, then discussing those hot times when they themselves are fucking together later and alone.

From the outside, it seems to have an appeal, but the jealousy thing could be an issue, or if one partner wants to stop, yet the other wants to continue playing with others, you really have to be secure in your relationship to get involved in this kind of play. Some that are singles can feel left out, and some clubs only take couples, not singles that are interested in playing with said couples. Many groups are also older people, not twenties and thirties, but fifties and sixties older people, not at the height of their physical attractiveness. One single male that told me he was involved in such a group, said most all of the women members were past menopause and the few that weren’t had been, “fixed.” I laughed at his calling them fixed, like a stray dog, but I got his drift, these people were not wishing to increase the size of their families, so pregnancy wouldn’t be an issue, and since most were smaller groups of a dozen or less couples, they didn’t even use protection, since they kept their sexual exploitations to other group members only.

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