Look Grandma!

Now it’s pretty common for guys to have incest fantasies, usually about mommy and her fucking him or helping him after he’s caught jerking off. One would think sisters would be pretty common as well, yet in all the years I’ve been doing calls, it’s actually pretty rare. One relation even more rare is grandma mentions during phone sex calls. It’s happened a few times and usually bizarre and a bit creepy instances. One man wanted to talk about watching his grandmother wearing a girdle and peeing in a bathtub. Some have stolen grandma’s panties and are using them to masturbate with.

One that brought Norman Bates to mind said he dressed up in his grandmother’s clothes as she slept and he’d creep into her room and jerk off sitting in a chair in her room watching her sleep, what a visual that brings into ones mind. A caller that’s called a few times that also mentions his grandmother says he regularly, like daily, jerks off in front of her, all over the house, and that she doesn’t mind at all. He must have one liberal grandmother. Most would likely scold a grandchild for being caught, but he’s just doing it out in the open.

Honestly, these are likely all fantasies they just want the operator to believe are true that are very far from the actual truth. The mommy fantasy is a common one, so it’s not hard to understand, but the grandmother one is just not that common. It would of course have different roots for many people, maybe she was the one who caught them masturbating and the fantasy sprung from that incident. When questioned, of course most swear up and down this is their reality, no matter how far fetched it is. Just like how most callers claim to have a penis two to three times the size of the actual average sized cock, it’s embellishment and fantasy that some simply wish to believe is true and want the girl they are talking to, to believe is true as well.

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