The Boy Next Door


I do enjoy younger men, and when I got the opportunity to housesit recently for a friend of mine that had a teenaged boy living next door, I couldn’t resist. His room looked out into her yard and of course I happened to like going into the yard and swimming in the nude, knowing he was looking from his window and likely masturbating like a fiend as he watched me. I was even very naughty and masturbated with the pool jets and I know he was watching me and listening to me. Since I was mostly underwater I know he wouldn’t have been able to see, but my moans clued him in on what I was doing.

I even looked up at him and waved and I knew that was pretty cheeky to do, but he was cute, and I wouldn’t have minded if he came down for a bit of a visit, which he did when I was sunning myself in the yard and I could see his young cock standing at attention through his swim trunks. I asked him if he’d like to go for a swim with me and he grinned widely and jumped right in. I followed him. I swam over to him and touched his cock through his trunks and he looked so shocked but certainly didn’t pull away.

I took off my bikini and tossed it out of the pool and pulled off his trunks as well and did the same. I pulled him over to the pool edge and wrapped my legs around him and told him to fuck me. I’m sure he couldn’t believe his good luck, but I liked him and wanted to play, and play we did. He came over every afternoon until my friend came back a few days later and I have many fond memories of playing with that teenaged boy. His cock was very nice and he could last and then go again any time I wanted him to. I look forward to the next time I housesit for her.

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