Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you hear about another weird fetish. Now most of us love bread, but apparently some are taking that love a bit too far. I don’t mean overeating it, either. Now sex with food is nothing new, women have used bananas, cucumbers, all kinds of things in their pussies for millennia. By the same token, men have carved holes in melons and gone to town on them and fucked them silly, enjoying the slippery wetness that could feel a bit pussy like. Now it’s come to light that some are fucking baked goods.

Now we all remember the scene from American pie where the poor, hapless hero fucked the pie, I guess that is a bit similar. Well apparently rising dough can have a very similar feel to it as a human breast or ass. Bakers have likely been doing this on the sly for countless years. I recall reading a short story in my youth about a young boy that bought a piece of liver and sexually assaulted it, masturbating with it wrapped around his cock and imagining it was a pussy. I guess in comparison, a pile of rising dough seems the tamer of the two. No one had to die for a bowl of dough.

I’m just concerned about bakers cumming in the dough and then still baking it into bread for the unsuspecting customers, their own “special butter” baked right into it. Maybe they sometimes wait until the goods are baked, like a bagel, and it’s already got a hole in it, and they go and fuck that. Ones with poppy seeds would give a bit of a different texture to their cock, like a ribbed condom. Think of the possibilities. You don’t want to envision what might be going on in pizza restaurants, all that dough, the horrors!

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