The Nosy Neighbor

We all have nosy neighbors at times, but this new guy next door takes the cake for nervy. I was outside sunbathing and I could see him out of the corner of my eye watching me, but I didn’t let on I could see him. He wasn’t a bad looking man, but his gall was a combination of amusing and annoying. I decided to give him a show, since he seemed to be craving one. I slathered sunscreen all over myself, in long, smooth strokes, concentrating on my inner thighs, and I let my hand brush past my bikini covered pussy, and my chest area. I knew he’d be going nuts.

I then put some extra lotion on my fingers and slipped them into my bikini bottoms. I knew the slippery lotion would feel good on my pussy and I was soon masturbating in earnest in front of him, or rather off to the side of him. I could see him out of the corner of my eye behind my sunglasses and I knew he’d likely be stroking his cock any minute, if in fact he was not already. I then saw a jerking arm movement and knew he was going at it and I was bucking my hips as I excitedly rubbed my pussy, I really didn’t care that he was watching at this point, it felt so good.

He let out a bit of a moan, but I still didn’t let on I knew he was there. I continued to rub my clit and then I came. I then stripped off my bikini and dove into the pool and started to enjoy a nice swim after my orgasm. He had gone inside by now, but I knew he’d seen it all from his deck that overlooks my backyard. It was hot and sexy and had turned me on a bit too.

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