Family Bath Time

One of my regular callers has fantasies about being a naughty uncle with a horny niece, he doesn’t even have a niece, but he likes to imagine if he did they’d be doing all kinds of naughty and educational things together, especially taking a bath. His fantasy is that he’s visiting his sister and the sister has gone out for a few hours and he is taking a bath and his niece walks in the bathroom not knowing he’s in there and he’s naked in the tub and she is so surprised to see him in there, but she doesn’t leave.

He tells her not to be embarrassed and has she ever seen a naked man before? No, she has not, but she’s curious, so of course uncle is only too happy to show his young niece what a naked man looks like up close and personal and would you mind washing my back as long as you are in here? Of course she obliges her uncle and the back quickly turns into shoulders, chest, tummy and finally his hard cock, which is now rising out of the water.

The niece washes her uncle’s cock and it turns him on so much, but of course she has to promise not to tell anyone, it will be their own little secret that’s between the two of them, and you make uncle feel so good by helping him this way. Maybe help dry me off too, hmm? Of course you will and maybe I’ll help you with your bath next time, won’t that be fun?

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