Nail Me On The Desk

I don’t want the other people at the office to find out about it, but I’ve started to fuck the boss. He told me he was needing to do some office cutbacks and he might have to let me go, but I impressed upon him how badly I needed the job and wanted to keep it no matter what, and I even offered my body up to him as an enticement to keep me on, he didn’t even ask or threaten to fire me if I didn’t fuck him. I figured if I offered first, my chances might be better and it’s working out so far. No one else seems to suspect anything and I’m happy to say my work productivity has even increased since our office affair began, maybe I’m just more comfortable around the office now that we’ve fucked in every room of it.

I do my best to keep his balls drained, I suck him off when I bring him his morning coffee and he reads the newspaper as I suck his balls under the desk. Then usually by mid afternoon he seems ready for another orgasm at that point and we usually fuck with me bent over the desk, or sometimes with me straddling him in his office chair with my legs hanging over the arm rests, we try different positions depending on his mood.

I find I actually enjoy coming into work more that we’ve been doing this, I feel I have more job security and it’s kind of fun the employees not having any clue what’s going on between the two of us, and his wife sure has no idea as well. I guess it’s kind of naughty, but I started this offer based in fear of losing my job, but it’s become a lot more than that now, and I find I like it and it even gives me a sense of power, since I know what he likes sexually and I can control him to a degree.

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