He Made My Pussy Wet


I was in a park the other day and having my lunch when a handsome man came to sit on the bench beside me to have his. We struck up a small talk conversation, but he quickly changed the tone of it when he started to tell me how I reminded him of the character in this erotic short story he was writing, it was an interesting conversation and he started to recite parts aloud from the book, graphic parts. He did have a sexy voice and apparently a good turn of phrase, because right there in the middle of this park, on a bench, this stranger was turning me on. And he knew it.

I should have gotten up and left, but I couldn’t stop listening to him go on, it was very odd yet erotic. I knew I was getting wet from the things he was saying and I didn’t want to have that happen out in public. He asked me if I was aroused and I admitted I was. I don’t know what sort of spell this man was casting over me, but it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. He asked me if I wanted to touch my pussy and I admitted I did. He told me to do it, I asked him if he was crazy, I couldn’t masturbate right there in the middle of the park. He said no one would see.

He took his jacket off and draped it over my lap and with that, I was able to slip my hand into my skirt and panties and discretely touch myself with no one being the wiser the distance they were from us. He continued to say very sexy things and turn me on as I stroked my clit as inconspicuously as I could and I just listened to his words. It wasn’t long before I made myself cum and he reclaimed his jacket and smiled and said he was glad he could help me. I felt like some horny bitch that couldn’t control herself and I’m lucky I wasn’t arrested for public indecency. It was a very strange experience.

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