Seduction At The Halloween Bash


I decided to dress rather sexy for a Halloween party I was going to. I knew it would get lots of attention to just go in this skimpy, black corset and I was right, all eyes were on me as soon as I entered the party. I saw one young man that caught my eye and I walked over to him and saw his eyes rake up and down my nearly fully exposed body and I could see the tent start to pitch in his pants and I laughed. I was being a bit obvious, but then that’s the point of coming dressed like this, isn’t it?

I took him by the hand and led him off to a quiet room away from the others and introduced myself, he seemed shy but eager, just how I like them. I ran my hand up and down his arm and leaned in to kiss him. I was going to have to take the lead and that was fine, I enjoyed seducing young men and working my naughty, feminine wiles on them. I pushed him back on the sofa and reached down and got his cock out and stroked it for a bit and it was hard as a rock. I’d come to this party horny as hell as it was and I knew this outfit would get me the attention I wanted so badly.

He certainly didn’t fight me and I continued my seduction. I pulled the crotch of my lingerie to the side and slid down on his cock and I was already wet and wanting a dick in my pussy and here I had one so soon after arriving. I bucked back and forth against him and was shameless in my behavior, but he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. I was afraid ones would wonder what we were up to in here, but it didn’t stop me from fucking his brains out. We both came and went back to the party. I really was a naughty girl that night.

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