Anal Masturbation


Does the idea of anal masturbation turn you on? Well if it does, you’re not alone. Many men love anal stimulation when they masturbate, using prostate massagers or just a regular vibe when they are masturbating. Some will not even touch their cock when they are using such toys, since the anal stimulation alone can be more than enough to send them over the edge to orgasm. There’s many different types of toys for anal pleasures, ones that are plastic based or ones made out of medical grade glass that’s nearly impossible to break.

It can just make the orgasm so much more intense for a man when the prostate is being stimulated for them in addition to or in lieu of cock stimulation. Some women are into anal masturbation as well, but not as many as men. That prostate is the internal hotspot for men to get pleasure, and a massager that’s hitting just the right spot and buzzing away can have them climbing the walls with ecstasy. It can be a wonderful addition to just penile stimulation.

Some men have called using things they shouldn’t in fear of their wives finding out, so they will use things like candles or vegetables and that is not safe at all, toys are made for there, carrots are not. Think how embarrassing it would be if you had to seek emergency medical treatment if things went awry, it would be extremely humiliating, please think before you act. Anal masturbation has its place in many men’s masturbation routines, but be smart about it. Things can quickly take a wrong turn.

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