Eat Your Own Cum


One of the more common topics on calls many men want to discuss is being made to eat their own cum. Some say they do it a lot and never an issue. Others want to be forced to do it and talk about it like it’s battery acid they will surely die if they ingest. The common complaint is that as soon as they cum the desire to ingest it passes, so I tell them don’t wait until after you cum to slurp it up out of your hand. Get in position so it shoots right into your mouth and you have no chance to chicken out of it going into your mouth in the first place.

Not all men are that thin or that flexible that it is a realistic option, but some are, so for ones that are, aim to take it right down your throat. Maybe you could even try licking your own cum out of your wife or girlfriend if they are willing to go along with it, but not al women are going to be into allowing that, it might be a bit icky for some to get into. It can’t hurt to ask though, the worst they can say is no.

Where the desire comes from in the first place to consume your own cum, I honestly don’t know. I think it’s normal to taste a drop of it to see what it’s like, but to regularly swallow it, I’m not sure why a guy would want to do it. Obviously there’s no harm in it, but it is a curious thing for certain where the desire comes from in the first place.

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