My Boss Spanked Me


Many people have seen the movie “Secretary”, where the employee gets spanked, and more by her boss. I never thought such a thing would happen to me, but it did. I took a summer job at this law office and was a gopher for the whole office. I’d get coffee, photocopy papers, all kinds of things. One night I was asked by the senior partner to come into his office and I didn’t think anything odd of it, then he had me put away some files and I had to bend over to the lowest cabinet and knew the tops of my stockings would be seen in the short skirt I was wearing.

I then felt him approach behind me and grab me and pull me over his knee sitting right there in his office chair. I didn’t know why this was happening and he said I shouldn’t wear such a short skirt to the office and I was going to be spanked for doing so and as a reminder not to do it again. I was then given five very hard slaps on my rump and then stood back up on my feet. I stood there with my mouth open not knowing what to say, so I just walked out and left.

The next night he called me back into his office and said it’s a good thing I was dressed more respectably today than yesterday. He then asked if I’d masturbated since he spanked me and thought about him doing so. This man was insane, but I had actually, but wouldn’t let him in on that little fact. I stood there blushing beet red and he chuckled and said he’d take that as a yes and he dismissed me for the day. Things went on in this bizarre manner the entire time I was at that firm. There are some very odd people out there doing odd things.

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