Sexual Encounters With The Homeless


Well one of the odder calls of the week was all at once humorous, gross and bizarre. A caller claimed he was approached by a homeless man for spare change, not out of the realm of believability, it happens to me as well. The following part though I do not know whether to believe or not. He declined to give the man change, but as it was a hot day he felt the poor fellow could use some cooling off, to which he offered the man a chance to sit in his air conditioned car for a while.

As they sat chatting and cooling off, (now who among us wouldn’t invite a homeless person into our car?) the man that invited the homeless man in, the caller, decided out of the blue to offer the homeless man a blow job, yes, you heard it right folks, a blow job. As I was holding back the laughter and disgust, I was thinking I wonder how long it’s been since the homeless man last had a shower before our charitable man offered to give him a blow job, I even asked, and he said, “He wasn’t bad.” Yes, I’m sure we are all wondering just how sparkling clean a homeless man’s crotch really is…

It was one of my more bizarre conversations I’ve had in quite some time. He didn’t seem to think it that odd. The only other mention of homeless people on calls before has been some guy that calls once in a while and claims to offer homeless women $10 to watch him masturbate. They ask for money, and he will give it to them, if they watch. “You want the cash, you watch me jerk it, you homeless wenches!”

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