Feel Like Forced Bi?

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This guy I’ve been seeing, he made a passing comment about being curious about cock, he only mentioned it once and I didn’t say anything, so I think that he forgot about even mentioning it to me. Little did he know it would be setting off a plan into motion by mentioning this to me. I always enjoyed seeing a guy suck on a dick, especially if he was at all reluctant to do so. I knew this friend of mine that would be happy to help me with my little plan. I didn’t know if he’d go for it willingly at first, so I thought I’d slip something in his drink to make him a bit less apt to fight back.

He came home and I had some drinks waiting and of course he suspected nothing. He started to feel a bit drowsy and slumped over after a few minutes. My friend arrived then and helped me get to the bed and we tied him up spread eagle on the bed and when he fully came to a bit later, my friend and I were sitting waiting on the end of the bed, naked. He looked a bit frightened, which amused me, he was in no danger, but he was also going to have to do things as I wanted, he was at my mercy. I’d slipped a gag on him but told him there was nothing to fear and would he be quiet if I removed the gag and he nodded, so I slipped it off and said remember when you mentioned wanting to try cock but you’d never gone forward with it? Again he nodded. I said tonight was the night.

My friend was now standing at the edge of the bed stroking his cock and it was now hard and long and thick in his hand and he was getting closer and closer to my boyfriend’s mouth, I grabbed his head and held it as my friend started to glide the tip of his precum dripping cock all over my boyfriend’s lips like gloss, smearing it all over. He then parted his lips and took in the head, tasting it. He didn’t look like he was disliking it, so he further opened his mouth and I relaxed my grip on his head. My friend started to fuck his mouth and he was gagging on it and yet seeming to enjoy it, and it wasn’t long until he had a mouthful of cum, most of which he swallowed down. My friend then left, and I untied my boyfriend. He was a bit surprised by the evenings events, but he had now had his first cock.

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