Sex Sounds To Masturbate To


I was recently in a hotel overnight. There’s renos being done on my home and I had to be out of the way. I settled in and was making the best of things when I faintly heard some sex sounds coming from the room next to mine. I wasn’t entirely sure that’s what it was but it got louder, so I knew for certain that’s what was going on.

It started to make me feel horny the longer I was listening to it and I even pressed my ear against the wall and could hear even better when I did. I reached down and started to touch my pussy. Every deep breath I heard through the wall, every bump of the headboard against the wall I was listening against made me hornier. She was moaning hard. I closed my eyes and pictured what position they might be in. Maybe her on her back, legs wrapped around him, maybe a leg over his shoulder allowing for deeper penetration. Her hands grasping his ass cheeks, pulling him deeper inside of her pussy.

My fingertips encircled my stiffened clit rubbing faster and faster as I listened and visualized what they were doing right on the other side of the wall I was half pressed against. I slid my fingers into my wet cunt and back out over my clit, bucking my hips and as they approached their climax, I approached mine and I exploded, still working my clit as I came, easing down from my orgasm and it felt fucking hot know I came with them and they didn’t even know about it.

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