Sex In The Shower


Sex in the shower is good, clean fun! Don’t you just love feeling the water and soap sliding all over your skin with your partners hands all over you? Making it even more slippery than usual unless you’re covered all in oil, you can get extra dirty in the shower and have it all rinsed off within seconds of you don’t like being covered in cum, you can get all clean nearly instantly, yet give your partner that pleasure. Some couples even like to indulge in golden showers in there.

Pressing your bodies against the glass doors, hot water pounding all over you. Masturbating with the shower massager can also be a lot of fun and have your partner help you, like bend over and have them aim it at your clit and listen to you scream as you cum explosively from the intensity of the orgasm. It’s easy to fall in the shower, so make sure you brace yourself properly or have a non skid surface applied to the bottom of the tub to avoid falls and hitting your head or breaking a bone.

Hot, steamy water is just an additional sensual pleasure that you experience in addition to your partner fucking or sucking you, so it heightens the sensation, just make sure you have enough hot water, you don’t want to run out mid way and finish up cold, that’s no fun alone or with a partner. If lube is an issue, there’s lots of water proof silicone type ones that won’t wash away with simple water. Fun in the shower is a true indulgence.

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