Celebrity Rape


One of my clients this week had me do an audio for him about the rape of celebrity he wrote. There’s all kinds of fan fiction stories out there about celebrities, and obscure ones, and this one that was popular over thirty years ago, not someone that’s really in the public eye today. It’s odd how a celebrity can capture us and make us think about them so much when we will never see them in person or meet them. The really obsessed ones of course will travel great distances and do all kinds of things to get close to them and even in some rare instances, hurt them.

Now this client isn’t about pain or hurting which one would normally think of when they think of rape or even the word rape. He’s more into the bodice ripper type of fantasy that was popular in historical romance novels, like Rhett Butler carrying Scarlett ‘O Hara kicking and screaming up the stairs, reluctance, taking against their will to a degree, not brutal, violent rape. He also has several celebrities he enjoys and he likes to combine the two and like to think of a celebrity being raped and taken against their will, it is usually a blackmail situation in his stories, like unless you do this, I will not help you with that, sort of thing.

People can be complex and many women even admit to having rape fantasies to varying degrees of force and brutality. Rough sex and rape roleplay is something many find appealing or popular. As long as a couple consent to have a safe word and play within their own boundaries, who is to say what is right or wrong for a couple?

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