Marked Woman


I saw this obscure foreign movie last week with my boyfriend and we liked it and in one scene the man in the movie took some lipstick and wrote on his girlfriend in bed and it seemed to leave a lasting impression on my boyfriend who asked if I’d ever had a man write on me that way and I said no. He told me to lay down and he went over to my makeup table and got one of my red lipsticks and seductively pulled the cap of it and swiveled it up.

He then wrote a few words on me and followed them with trails of kisses up my body and I giggled since as he kissed over where he’d written he got some on his lips and I said what a good color it was on him and he laughed, and covered in lipstick, the both of us, we made love and it was very hot. The sheets were a mess and hard to launder after, but it had been so sexy the way he marked me with the lipstick and sensually traced it up from my hip to my nipple and wrote the word “Mine” on me and then “Slut”, I found it very sexy and I hadn’t been so aroused in ages.

I think part of the reason lots of guys enjoy cumming on you is they are in essence marking you as their territory, and the lipstick is doing the same thing, just in a nicer, but harder to clean off, manner. Now I’m sure not all women would wish to be written on, it isn’t easy to remove, but it was fun. Once years ago I’d written on myself, I wrote the guys name and whore on my own ass in the mirror and took a pic and sent it off and they liked it very much, but that was of course me writing on myself not anyone else writing on me, so it was similar, but not the same. It can be a fun thing to try even if only a couple of times.

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