My, What Long Legs You’ve Got!


The giantess fetish is an odd, but popular one. These men usually like the idea of being shrunken down to a few inches and have the ladies stay normal size, like in “The Incredible Shrinking Man” movie. Some however wish to remain normal sized yet have the lady grow to unreal heights, like the “Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman” movie. It’s an unusual fetish and one that I don’t get calls on too often, but it does have its fans.

The legs that go on forever, you couldn’t really get any longer than on a lady that’s taller than most buildings she’d be walking past and looking in the top floor windows at the terrified people inside. These men know they could never sexually satisfy a woman of that size, he clit would be bigger than their head! The intimidation factor, some men, lots of them actually, like intimidating, overbearing woman, what do you bet their mom was intimidating? In all likelihood she was, so this is a perversion of that in some way. Them the small, insignificant nothing, looking up at powerful mommy.

Sometimes seeing a movie like the ones mentioned above will act as a trigger for such fantasies that have been in their head but they haven’t really been able to properly label it or peg it and they see it brought to life and realize yes, that’s it, that’s the perfect depiction of what I have been thinking about, that nails it. They may have desires to scale her mammoth breasts like mountains, sink and explore into her womanly crevices like they are cave diving, in any case, giantess fetish is an interesting one to be sure.

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