“Fuck My Faggot Husband In His Homo Ass”


One of my callers that is into forced bi loves to talk about gangbangs, not only for his wife with groups of black men he supposedly advertises for on Craigslist, but for himself as well. He has numerous catch phrases he loves to say about her making him take dick, huge cocks up his ass, down this throat and fill him up with cum. He loves everything about it. From her cream pies he’s going to eat out of her pussy and ass afterward. Some cuckolds are into everything, from cocksucking to getting fucked themselves.

He has the whole scenario down pat, from the hotel in whatever city they are vacationing in, to the dozens of guys he interviews and then passes on through to her in the next room, waiting on the bed with legs open. He loves to be humiliated and degraded and even have them all stand around him and shoot their cum all over him in some sort of bukkake party he’s dreamed up. The only thing that seems to change during his calls is the city they are vacationing in that this happens. He has quite the scene in his mind and seldom deviates from it.

One thing I used to be worried about was how I was going to come up with different fantasies for callers every time they called. Little did I know that 95% want the exact same fantasy every time they call, so my work is mostly done as to what they want right there. So that fear before starting was quickly dispelled at least! Once you’ve spoken to them a few times, they basically just want you to go over it all again, so makes it a lot easier. Cuckold and strap ons are quite popular with many of them, they sure want that cock, the little in denial fags that they are…LOL.

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