A couple of weeks ago we did “birthing fetish”, now it’s time for something else that comes out of women some guys go nuts for, blood. That’s right, blood. Period blood, menstrual blood specifically. Not all guys have the stomach for this sort of sex play. Some guys will avoid a woman entirely during this time of the month. Others will go so far as to call it “anal sex week”, or “blow job week”. Many religions view a woman as unclean during her period and will not allow any sexual contact during the time a woman is bleeding.

That’s a choice for each couple, sometimes the man might want have nothing to do with it, the woman might not want have anything to do with it, or both find it fine. You have to make that choice together. “Blood Hounds” is a term for men that are not only ok with having sex with lady during their period, but actively seeking them out. Hey, no matter what woman they find, it will only be a few weeks until that time of the month as it is. Might make things a bit more difficult if you are looking for a one night stand and only with a woman that’s on her period. Imagine going into a bar and approaching women, “I don’t suppose it’s your time of the month, is it?” Yeah, that would go over real well!

Well, as far as kinks go, it’s not dangerous, just messy and icky and a turn off to many people. I’d still think it a better choice than golden showers or scat for sure, but I guess that’s up to the people involved. So are you man enough to ride the crimson tide? Have you earned your red wings yet? Don’t you think it’s time to man up and just do it?

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